Why your company looks ugly to the public…

After years experience working in the design industry I have come to realise that there’s two very different types of hierarchy within most businesses,
these are as follows:

  • Lead designer, followed by a team of designers. The lead designer has the final statement on all designs that are then published throughout the company and to the public.
  • Marketing manager, followed by a team of designers. The marketing manager has final say on all items produced by the design team.

A lead designer has spent years researching and learning about the details and fundamentals of layouts, colours, content and more. A marketing manager is a professional at enticing the public eye and eyes of other companies. Although these are two very different positions, they both carry a degree of design knowledge. A designer wants things to look great and function perfectly. A marketer wants things to look good and attract the most attention.

So. Why does your company look ugly to the public? Obviously this is not a literal question, it is mearly my way of enticing marketers to click on this post 😉 These differences make things incredibly hard, there’s no such thing as the perfect design and therefore sacrifices must me made to ensure everyone is pleased. When the person calling the shots is a marketing manager, the design will come second to attention 10/10 times. When the person calling the shots is a lead designer, it is his/her job to ensure the product looks and functions perfectly.

These two very different ways of running a business will end up with two very different final products, one will be clean, concise and very attractive. The other will be clean, not so concise and very enticing. Take the web design example below, this is obviously exaggerated but you can see the differences.

Everyone has their own opinions on design, this is one of the many factors that can make it such a challenging career. Either way, there is no better relationship than that between a lead designer and a marketing manager working together to produce the most concise, effective and attractive final product:

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