5 Simple Steps to a powerful website.

Here's the process we take when building websites. Minimal, effective and it just works.

Step 1 - Research

First we take a look at every aspect of your business and determine the best way to present your products or services for both the user experience and SEO.

Step 2 - Conceptual Drawings

We then take to the drawing board and create the perfect layout for your site. Taking into consideration every single feature required to ensure the perfect experience.

Step 3 - Setting up

Once we have the perfect mockups we install WordPress, the worlds most powerful content management system onto your domain and configure it for your businesses needs.

Step 4 - The Build

Then for the big cheese! We meticulously build and populate your website from the ground up, keeping you updated on your Colony and via emails throughout. This includes the design and any required features offered by the site.

Step 5 - Cleaning up

Once the site is complete we then go through correcting errors, making your revisions and implementing top quality on-site SEO.

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