The Questions We Don’t Ask About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is always progressing, wether it be Siri, Amazon Alexa or Microsofts Cortana. They’re becoming more and more aware of their surroundings, us and our needs. But they’re not quite HAL yet, why?

Google, Facebook and IBM are working on AI programs that go far beyond what we’re used to with our phones. Google has developed an AI that has the ability to defeat the world champion at the ancient Chinese game of Go. A game with 386,356,909,593 possible outcomes. Phew. IBM Watson is an AI that defeated champions at the TV gameshow Jeopardy, a game that involves a incredible understanding of language and grammar.

What is the singularity?

The singularity is a point in time at which artificial intelligence becomes better than humans at innovation, at this point technology will continue to progress itself at a much faster rate than was initially possible. The singularity will be the pinnacle moment when AI becomes smarter than us. Many people speculate that the singularity could also be the death of human kind, other believe it will be the end of death and disease.

Why should we fear the singularity?

Technology can be very hard to predict, how can you know the actions of anything unless you give it instructions. But an AI after the singularity is smarter than us, so why should it follow our rules? Maybe it see’s a better earth without humanity, maybe it connects to the internet and discovers the horrors that humans bring to themselves. There’s a million reasons an AI may react negatively to it’s creation.

Are we close to the singularity?

This is a hard subject to judge, it is believed to take place within the next 10 to 20 years, but it seems this keeps changing. Personally I believe we are no where near that close. To put it in perspective, the fourth largest supercomputer in Japan took 40 minutes to simulate just 1 second of the human brain. The computer has 705,024 processor cores and 1.4 million GB of RAM, makes me kinda proud to be human.

What about the economy?

Once the singularity has passed and AI is better than humans at pretty much everything, why would companies continue hiring humans? We get tired, we’re slow, lazy, develop sickness and a million other pit-falls. An AI could develop a website, write an application and design a logo in an instant. It could destroy the stock industry, it would become a battle of the AI’s. What about physical jobs like building a house? We’ve already developed brick laying robots and robots that lay whole driveways to speed up time, there’s nothing to say a company couldn’t just implement super intelligence into a humanoid body and have it work through the day and night.

Maybe they will make our lives easier, simply owning an AI ourselves could solve all our issues with money, why would you need money? Robots and AI have developed everything for us, they could produce food at a rate never before thought possible. Maybe, a world after the singularity holds nothing but hope for everyone. No job, just a life of luxury.


This is an interesting one, with AI’s being Smarter than us, they will have feelings, personal thoughts and the ability to connect with other AI’s and even humans. Will they have good humour? Understand love and fun? I don’t see why not, after all this is developed would it be strange to befriend or fall in love with an artificial super intelligence? Given all of the answers to these questions are yes, I don’t see why not. But maybe, they will have no attraction to us, they may think we’re idiots, I mean, half the stuff they know we won’t understand.



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