How to deal with creative block.

The first step to overcoming creative block is to understand what it is and what exactly causes it. Have you been twiddling your thumbs? Stuck for new ideas? You’re probably experiencing what we in the industry refer to as ‘Creative block’. It can happen to anybody in the creative industry such as designers, producers, authors, photographers etc… There are many things that can lead to creative block and they’re surprisingly simple.

A constant, dreary routine

It’s almost impossible for your brain to imagine new and cool things if it’s constantly dealing with the same stimuli. Try changing your routine a bit, take a different route home, catch up with an old friend… anything! You’d be surprised how much inspiration you can draw from simple day to day activities if you simply change them every once in a while.

Staring into space

I have no idea why so many of us think that staring into a white wall will suddenly trigger an idea. It’s probably our inner selves screaming “give up!”. Instead of sulking and banging your head on a table, try looking online at other artists work. Get motivated by seeing the things you could be creating. This always works for me, I simply get jealous of peoples abilities and immediately begin messing around.

Staying put

This is a major one, a lot of the time a desk isn’t a very inspiring or motivational place. Try going out, take a notepad and don’t stare into the clouds… Unless they’re inspiring you. So many incredible pieces of art have derived from natural inspiration and I’m sure there’s billions more great ideas hovering around.

Not starting

I know this is an odd one but just starting without an idea can really get your brain working. Just do anything, even if it makes no sense just challenge yourself to make it work. It’s amazing how quick little ideas start popping into your head once you’re working with something.

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