Should you follow competitors on social media?

How do you want to look?

How do you want your competitors to perceive your business? Closed, secretive and scared, or confident, positive and open? Not following your competitors for the sole sake of being competitive and sour is not the right way to think. But this doesn’t mean to say you should always connect with them, if your industry has a stigma of competitiveness or maybe it’s something that you can play on for promotions, in the way Burger King has done in the past with Mcdonalds or the same with Apple and Microsoft.

Here’s some interesting facts:

x = Neither follow each other
> = Left follows right but they don’t follow each other
<> = Both companies follow each other

Phone & Technology Industry:

  • Apple x Samsung
  • Microsoft x Apple
  • Samsung x HTC
  • One Plus x Samsung

Energy Industry:

  • British Gas > SSE
  • British Gas <> EON Power
  • E•ON Energy > EDF

Food Industry:

  • Coke <> Pepsi
  • Kelloggs > Nestle
  • Burger King x McDonalds

Car Industry:

  • Toyota <> Ford
  • BMW x Ford
  • Tesla x Ford


Does this information really say anything?

Short answer, no, but it is interesting nonetheless. I researched this for hours and these are only some of the most interesting names I could find. I was most amazed by the technology industry, I searched hundreds of large and small names and  was expecting to see a noticeable difference with smaller companies but still came up with no patterns. They all ignore each others publicity!

What should you do?

I can’t help but feel a lot of this is down to simple competition and each marketers willing to show any form of support towards the competition, personally I choose to follow competitors. It’s healthy to publicise yourself as positive and open, especially to your competitors. Show them you’re proud of what you’re producing and also keep a good eye on all their public announcements whilst you’re at it.



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