2018 Snapchat Update – What’s wrong?

The 2018 Snapchat update, announced by it’s creator Evan Spiegel late last year has received an awful lot of backlash from it’s users over the new, somewhat cumbersome and inefficient user interface. In the video below you see Evan explaining what changes take place, any more importantly, why?

With over 800,000 people signing a petition to get Snapchat reverted back to it’s original form, Snapchat are still refusing to backtrack. But why?

Snapchat’s Response

The response from Snapchat at the moment seems to be a somewhat lazy and expectant ‘you’ll get used to it’. What does this statement say about the user experience? Exactly what you’d expect, terrible. We know that a user experience can’t always be as simple as picking it up and knowing exactly what to do. However, with an existing platform, with millions of users that know the ins and outs of your product and enjoy using it every day just the way it is. Why change? Evan states in the video the change is about separating friends from influencers, but there’s no evidence to suggest people ever had an issue with the way friends and influencers were laid out before. So again, why change?

Why change?

We can’t say for sure we know why, but I can say that it’s not about bringing you and your friends closer, infact, I believe it to be quite the opposite. By offering up an entire side of the app to influencers and (quite literally) pushing all your friends stories to one side, Snapchat opens up more opportunities for displaying paid content. The main source of their income.

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