Web Design & Development
Case Study

The Brief

EMIRAT came to us wanting a refreshed look and feel for the start of 2018. They wanted something different, a brand that could be identified without the immediate use of a logo.

The Solution

To create a brand this strong we needed to do something that stood out from the usual way of doing things. A way of leaving the EMIRAT mark on everything they create. To do this we went back to basics, we created a grid and a set of strict and vital rules.

The Rules

  1. No two boxes of matching colour may share local space.
  2. No images or text content is to cover both an X & Y axis on the grid (no along then down).
  3. No two boxes of matching colour may share local space.
  4. No content may take more than a single grid cell unless necessary.
  5. Content cannot use 2x2 cells on the grid.


Why Rules?

To create a strong brand we need to be specific in the way it looks. These rules ensure that vital separation between how EMIRAT looks, and any other 5 column grid based brands there may be out there (we’ve really struggled to find any). By sticking to these guidelines we have created a website that has a familiar feel throughout, unlike a lot of websites around that can sometimes feel a bit disconnected in certain pages.