Why you’ll never be an expert marketer

Constant change.

Marketing is a fine art, something that needs detail, thought and skill… Plus a bit of good literature. But no matter how refined you are, you can never be current. The world of marketing is constantly changing. With new mediums, tactics and services popping up the game is never-ending.

There are two main aspects to marketing. Great design, and great creativity. Without these two things you can never hope to achieve a succesful campaign, we like to use guerilla marketing (click here to read my blog on guerilla marketing), this ensures the best possibility of a campaign going viral or at least being shared.

What is the perfect marketing strategy?

The answer is simple, there isn’t. Everything is dependant on the product and your end goal. Marketing isn’t always about producing profit, some campaigns aim to increase brand awareness or gain partnerships. Take the Burger King campaign for the McWhopper (http://mcwhopper.com/) It was a genius campaign that aimed for a partnership like no other. Unfortunately McDonalds had a somewhat bitter reaction over Facebook.

The perfect marketing strategy is a mystery that will never be resolved. But, we do know what a perfect marketing strategy produces and by aiming for that we can get pretty close.

So, what does the perfect marketing strategy produce?

Shares. The perfect marketing strategy, whether positively or negatively if it produces shares and gets people talking, it’s working. Marketing is about putting ideas in peoples minds, a lot of the time adverts can be seen as annoying. But by utilising people’s interest in each other a great marketing campaign can travel around the globe getting the attention of millions. That’s when blogs, internet stars and celebrities start getting involved and piggybacking on the publicity. All of which, embeds your brand in peoples minds.


Marketing is very hit and miss at times, people and opinions are incredibly varied, trying to create a viral campaign is a mixture of subtlety, strategy and creativity. If it’s been seen already, it will usually be a flop. So get to the drawing board, think of something that intrigues people, confuses people, annoys people. Just make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

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