Top 5 Tips to Kickstart your SEO


Getting your business noticed online is near impossible these days. With so much competition and so many different ways to get out there. It’s become such a daunting task getting featured on page one of Google, let alone the top spot. But there are some relatively simple ways that you can kick start your venture to the top, here’s my top 5 SEO tips to kickstart your SEO.

Top SEO Tips 1:

Keyword research.

There’s a huge variety of ways to conduct keyword research. Luckily Google have plenty of services on offer that allow you to see what your target audience are searching for. Some of these tools are Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. The trick is to find keywords with substantial search amounts and a low competition score, these are the easiest to rank for. Once you have a set of keywords, you need to aim for them.

Top SEO Tips 2:

Optimise your site.

This means covering the basics, ensure you have meta data such as page descriptions, alt tags, title tags and all the rest. This kind of information is used by search engines such as Google to help summarise your site and the content within it. Read more on Meta data and SEO here.

Top SEO Tips 3:

Create great content.

I can’t stress this enough, Google is looking for one thing in it’s algorithms, content. Ensure you have a site blog setup and you publish unique content at least once a week. This shows Google that you’re active and posting content about your niche. If written correctly one blog post can mean page one on certain search terms.

Top SEO Tips 4:

Start building backlinks.

Here it is, the most important part of SEO. Backlinks. First things first, DONT use backlink generators, Google will pick up on this and mark you down for spam. The trick to reaching the top of Google is to create quality backlinks, remember, just one backlink on a PR9 site is worth more than 50 backlinks from random websites. The easiest few backlinks are from social sites, put your website address on all your social media and ensure it’s accompanied by some of those keywords you research earlier!

Top SEO Tips 5:

Keep on it.

Getting on page one of Google doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen over a week. Getting there and staying there requires constant link building, blog posting and content creation. It may take months or even years if you’re just working at it yourself, but believe me, the long term benefits are always worth it. I mean think about it, companies pay big money to be up there. It pays off.


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