We swore in an email campaign, here’s the results.

At Colony Digital we like pushing marketing to it’s maximum, even if that means taking the occasional risk (We only take risks ourselves) don’t worry clients! We wanted to find out what effect swearing could have on marketing, is it effective? If so, why?

The Marketing Test

We sent out an email communication two months ago, no swearing, just your average stuff. The response on the email was pretty average, an overall opening rate of 34% and a click through rate of 15%. This email was sent to 3,600 people and resulted in 3 client briefs.

We recently sent out another email, with the subject line ‘F*****g Marketing’ (with asterisks). Although due to the subject line this email was almost immediately flagged as spam by most email clients the numbers were remarkable. An overall opening rate of 48% and a click through rate of 17%. This email was sent to the same 3,600 people and resulted in one guy wanting a job with us here…

Why did we get these results?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you why for sure. But I can make some educated guesses based on my previous experience in marketing. With emails people usually ignore standard subject lines, this is industry wide knowledge. Such a careless subject line immediately makes people think that theres no way a marketing company would risk such a crazy email! Yeah, most wouldn’t. This exact thought process is what I believe lead to such a successful opening rate.

As for the click through rate, I honestly hold it to the content of the email. A bold title that stated ‘Now I’ve got your attention’ pulled on the readers curiosity as to what on earth the subject is all about and leads to the body content and therefore the links.

What does it mean?

  • People actually do look into their spam emails
  • The subject line is the single most important aspect of your email campaign

In other words, we’ve learned nothing…

My advice, keep your communications upbeat, formal but not boring.

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