Why Not Build it Yourself? – Answered

So, why not?

An absolutely loathed term these days in the design industry. So I’m going to answer it.

Many services are popping up these days that allow you to make a website, logo, business cards etc… at home. Granted, these services work and you certainly can come away with a very nice, pre-designed website that works on mobile. But do these site’s actually do their job? Drive sales?

No, unfortunately not. These services will allow you to build a site from a template (that has already been used millions of times). You’ll then be required to pay an outstanding monthly fee to have a personal domain and hosting. So let’s get this straight, you’re getting an unoriginal templated website, building it yourself, then paying an unusually high amount every month to avoid having a dodgy domain name like www.freesite.yourcompany.co.uk

These site builders are, however, great for a small budget. Something to tide you over until you can invest in something more effective from a designer or agency. A companies website is largely it’s window to the world, and therefore it’s customers. Your website must be prepared for the harsh critique of search engines, stand out like a saw thumb and be tailored to offer exactly what is required to build customers and clients.

In summary, if you want a website and have the budget for something serious, avoid site builders, having a team work through every hair in your site will pay off in the long run. But if you’re just a startup, a website builder may be the best road for you. But before you run to Wix or Squarespace and blindly slamming your company information into pages, ensure you have a plan and put yourself in the customers shoes.

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