Biggest Marketing Mistakes in 2017

We all make mistakes every now and again, it’s how we better ourselves. But sometimes a mistake big enough can be seen around the world and may just get you in a lot of trouble. Here’s a few of our favourite marketing cock ups from the last year.


Walkers Social Media Screw Up

Walkers Marketing mistake
Walkers social media marketing mistake

Walkers launched a social media campaign where an automated service would put supporters profile picture on a frame help by Gary Lineker, little did they know the public would take advantage of this automation and start putting notorious British murderers on their profiles. What did we learn? Never automate anything controlled by the public.


Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign

A seemingly innocent campaign of bottles varying in shapes of the female figure experienced social media backlash. For 15 years Dove has had a flawless ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, but it would seem this time they took it a little too far, with people making jokes about the brands desperation to appear equal.

Pepsi, police brutality

Pepsi released this advert which quickly received negative feedback from the public. The drinks corporation was accused of undermining the Black Lives Matter movement in order to sell more products.


Adidas, Boston Marathon Email

I said previously that we all make mistakes, but this one… I have no idea how it slipped the net. Maybe it was deliberate in order to attract attention, or it was a genuine mistake, we have no idea how it was missed. In an email campaign Adidas mistakenly sent an email with the subject line “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!”, this was taken, quite rightly, as a reference to the attack on the Boston marathon in 2013.

We’ll be updating this post as more marketing mishaps come around so make sure you keep checking back, leave a comment and share!

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