A Teenagers Take on Digital Marketing

Who are you?

I’m Luc Gibson, 19, the Managing Director and Founder of Pixel Colony. Here’s my thoughts and opinions on modern, digital marketing and how it is in some ways, weak. I know, you wouldn’t expect someone from my generation to bash the new way of doing things, but sometimes the best way to know where to go, is to pick faults in everything.

What’s the problem?

Let’s be honest, how many times have you seen the green (Ad) text in the corner of a google result? or a popup on a website and a sidebar filled with the same flashing adverts? Marketing is about standing out and there’s a multitude of ways to do it. Infact, when you think about it, there’s more ways to stand out than there are ways to blend in. Digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, but it’s one that many use to do the same things. Again, and again, and again… And again.

Standing Out in Digital Marketing

You can throw millions at Google Ads, dedicate all your budget to a stunning, enticing design or even produce a promotional animation. But without true creativity, and a lot of ‘pow’, your marketing campaign will fall flat before it ever gains traction.

Guerilla marketing is the art of creating a campaign that plays on creativity, intuition and present trends. Guerilla campaigns have the ability to go viral, spread without cost and create lasting memories. The issue is, guerilla marketing is usually physical, we’re looking at digital marketing. But this doesn’t mean we can’t apply the same logic.

What can you do?

Step back, watch the competition and work out what they’re doing wrong. Fill in their gaps. I see far too often in marketing, companies copying their competitors websites, picking the bits they think are ‘good’ yet ignoring the important pit falls. This same phenomenon is occuring in digital marketing and SEO today. Many start their marketing campaign with a plan, instead, start with ideas and push the boundaries. A truly creative, stand out campaign with great engagement will carry itself and should be great fun to deploy.

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