Air, Wires & Motherboards.

Here’s an interesting thought for you, how many websites have you looked at total? Lets say you’ve looked at 3 websites a day since 2000, a pretty easy number. By now you’ve seen 17,535 pages. As you browse through a site be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a company site you don’t really think much of it, I mean at the end of the day it’s just a bunch of words and images right? Wrong.

Let’s take a look at Google for a minute, probably the most simple website you can find on the internet. To us it’s as simple as a box and a logo, however, I bet you didn’t know it actually takes 2 BILLION lines of code for Google to work in the way it does. Don’t ask me how they’ve managed this, I still can’t quite figure out how they’ve collected pictures of everything. I mean literally everything. If it exists, you can be damn sure there’s a picture of it on Google.

Anyway, back to websites. It’s incredible the journey that happens when you go to a site, I’ll try and explain it as simply as I can. When you click a link, the domain (URL) goes to a server, this server then tells your computer what the address of the site is, your computer then connects to that address and downloads the website. All in less than a few seconds your click has travelled hundreds of miles through the air, wires and motherboards all just to bring those ‘images and paragraphs’ to you.

What about the content in a site? Businesses spend months scrutinising their content, positioning themselves as best possible and reviewing things over and over again. Everything you read online has been thought about (I’m not talking about social media, lets face it, none of that is thought about.) I’m talking about the marketing teams curating everything to target a specific cause, issue or achievement and making sure their site gives the best possible reflection on their company.

Websites have been our window into the world for many years now and they continue to get better, bigger and smarter. Competition feeds improvement and the competition is getting huge. Creative ideas keep coming and with companies like Google implementing them, things are going to get really cool.

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