Guerrilla (Marketing) Warfare

Nowadays companies are in constant competition with promotions and advertisements running all the time. Businesses are trying to find new and different ways of grabbing the attention of the public – this is why ‘guerrilla marketing’ is becoming increasingly common. Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that aims to deliver unconventional and creative promotions for a company. The term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984 in his book ‘Guerrilla Marketing’.

Many of you may have already seen adverts like these in online compilations or even in the streets, a few of them have even become famous for their creativity such as the Zoo bus that looks like it’s being crushed by a giant snake! These methods of advertising are becoming increasingly popular due to their tendency to dramatically boost sales and grab the attention of those nearby and even online where they are showcased quite regularly.

Guerrilla marketing comes in an endless variety of ways but one of the most popular is billboards. Companies are using billboards to their full advantage, making use of the surroundings and buildings. One of the most famous companies for use of guerrilla marketing is Durex, their use of surroundings and textures have made some of their ads incredibly popular online.

My favourite example of guerrilla marketing is from 3M, they setup a glass box at a bus stop and put what people thought was 3 million dollars in it. It was an advertisement for their security glass, whoever could break the box could keep the money. 3M never announced that the box actually only contained $500 in a different currency, Guerrilla marketing is meant to be cheap and effective, 3M must have only paid a small amount to run this promotion yet it became very popular online due to the rumoured amount of cash.

The demand for promotion is growing at a huge rate and adverts are popping up everywhere around us, companies are starting to find new, interactive and futuristic ways of pitching their products or services to the public and I’m excited to see what comes next…

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