The Difference Between Good Marketing and Great Marketing

3 Main Marketing Categories.

Marketing holds a lot of secrets, things that not many think of. When you imagine marketing you’ll usually think of the 3 main marketing items:

  • Graphic Design
  • Trends
  • Advertising

A Fine Tooth Comb.

Truth is, there’s a hell of a lot more to marketing than just looking good and keeping up to date with the cool kids. Quality marketing requires an unprecedented amount of communication and specificity. It’s easy for a company to mindlessly throw content into the world, none of it being on-brand or quality assured. Although millions of words and documents may be good for SEO, it’s not good for company reputation. My teacher always used to tell me quality is better than quantity, this applies not only to my old colouring book but also to your business content.

The iPad.

Apple released the iPad using a few adverts, a keynote and a one page website, later on they took the world by storm. The art of making this work is ensuring quality, make sure that one product page is absolutely spot on, search optimised, has character, eye catchy, unforgettable and most importantly.. desirable.

Company Character.

Let’s look at Snap Chat, their brand image is clear and has character. It almost feels happy when you think of the big ghost and the fun ways they communicate with their users. This is all part of creating a brand atmosphere and it can be powerful. Very powerful. Building a brand persona with the right marketing material and strategy is a great way to build loyalty and a love for your brand. If, like a buddy your company is a pleasure to interact with, customers will come back.

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