Web Design, why so similar?

You’ve probably already noticed that most web design these days is beginning to look all the same. I wanted to shine a light on this and explain exactly why that is, and why it’s not necessarily a negative thing.

It’s an effective hierarchy, your name, about your services and then the user can scroll to view more information. This hierarchy is the reason so many websites are heading in this direction, it’s well displayed information. Why have it any other way?

Take a look at this site for example. Although creative, where do you look? With so much going on not only is it demanding on your system and therefore slow, it’s also hard to know where to look or what to read. Don’t get me wrong, I do think site’s like this have a place, they are remarkable good at showcasing your web abilities but that’s about it, they’re not very good at much else.

Creative Web Design

The typical hero image web design we see these days also has another perk… Mobility. These sites work and feel great on mobile, the header sizes perfectly and the content stacks to create an experience similar to the desktop version. This meaning that returning visitors who may be on mobile don’t have to re-learn where your content is.

Now I’m not saying it’s perfect, i’m bored of it too, believe me. It’s always refreshing to see a beautiful website with a modern take on the limited width look or something that’s completely different but still remarkably functional. So where’s all the creativity in web design gone?

A big part of this is themes, templates and content management systems. The majority of themes and web assets are based on this full-width stacking system. Some of these include DIVI, Wix, Bootstrap and so many more. They work great, but leave little room for originality.

So will we see this trend change anytime soon? I don’t think so, the new age website look works great and can still be made creative, take this site for example. It follows the grid system with the hero image whilst maintaining a great sense of creativity and originality.

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