Web Design & SEO

Getting Started:

So, you’re ready to start your website & SEO to bring in more leads. It’s never easy knowing where to start, however, starting from scratch gives you an advantage. When building a site from the ground up you can really give the SEO a good start, of course I’m talking about on-site SEO, not backlinks, Web 2.0’s and other external SEO strategies. Web design & SEO are the two most important aspects of any website, the design needs to optimise your conversion rate (clicks to sales) and the SEO needs to ensure high, targeted traffic.

Initial Research:

If you choose to build your website yourself you must get a good idea of how things should look. Do some research on your competitors sites. See what they’re doing to bring in leads and think about how you can adapt that for your own business. We always prefer to beat your competitors though, nobody likes being second best!

SEO Keywords:

You’ll need to think about your content, this is a vital part of both your site design and your SEO. Before you do this there’s one important step… Keyword research. There’s loads of tools and guides available online to help you find great keywords to rank for, at Pixel Colony we can of course provide this for you too. Once you have your list of keywords you can begin writing out your site content, with the use of your keywords this will be targeted and precise. It’s always best practise to focus on the readability of the body text and include keywords more often in headers and subheaders.

Website Speed:

One of the most important parts of SEO is ensuring your site is up to Google’s speed standards, if it isn’t then you can be sure to get penalised. You can check your site speed on Google’s speed checker, once complete it will tell you everything that’s great and everything you need to change in order to accomplish better site speeds and user experience.

Google Page Speed Checker

Extra Web design & SEO Stuff:

  1. Include all possible Metadata (Alt tags, dates, authors etc…)
  2. Purchase an SSL Certificate.
  3. Link your site to all your social media platforms.
  4. Provide share links.
  5. Ensure your site is fully responsive and easy to use on all devices.

If you’re ready to boost your sales and expand your footprint, get in touch and we’ll work on a great solution for you.

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