Questioning Design

Design Agencies

Design studios, a place where intuition, creativity and productivity all meet eye to eye. A place crazy people like me call home. What sets a successful and creative agency from a forced, bog standard agency?

How Will Questions Improve the Final Outcome?

In short, my answer is the people. But not just the designers themselves, mostly it’s those influencing them. Who’s pulling the strings? Do they use templates? Stick to the ‘Quick way of doing things’? or is it an agency that tailors the work from start to finish? Too many designers and agencies are relying on their standard template or purchasing a theme and ‘tweaking’ it. I HATE the word ‘tweaking’, in design we don’t tweak, or fiddle. We produce something that does it’s job through and through. Now granted, sometimes things do need changing, mostly just on the visual side. Nudge something, change a colour or add something that was missing. As a designer it’s our job to ensure we know what works, and to enforce that knowledge as best as possible. That button should be there for a reason, this letterhead doesn’t need that logo, why? Everything we do must be justifiable and with good purpose. An agency that knows what’s best for the client will be the ones that drive our industry forward.

What are We Doing?

At Pixel Colony we’re thinking about things differently, we believe not only that great design comes from confidence and risk, but also from simplicity and strict justification, like I said, and I’ll reiterate. WHY did you put that link there? WHY do you need a dropdown menu here? We believe in one other rule in design, and I’m sworn to it, always ask yourself is there a better way to do this? Many designers just use the first thing that comes into their mind, logo in the top left, contact in the right. But for this occasion, is that really the best? An app that’s supposed to be used at night, should it be bright? no.

Simple questions lead to better design every time.

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