The Microsoft Surface Studio. Are Macs no longer a designers first choice?

What is the Microsoft Surface Studio?

Yesterday (26th October 2016) Microsoft announced their latest in the Surface line of products. The Microsoft Surface Studio and my oh my I was not expecting that. For years creators (specifically designers) have preferred the Apple Mac range. Simply because the operating system offered brilliant features that were of great use. I can’t help but get the feeling that since the latest developments in Windows, combined with the new Microsoft hardware that soon, if not now it may be a good time to switch. Take a look at the Surface Studio specs here

The Surface Studio offers a revolutionary new hinge that allows the user to drop the display into a natural position that is great for drawing and keeping your work closer to you. The screen has a resolution of 4500 x 3000 (192 PPI) and is a mouthwatering 28 inches in diameter.


Microsoft surface studio

The Design

I haven’t even mentioned the stunning design and build, you’ve got to admit, it looks like a product from Apple. In my opinion that’s a great trait to any product. Apple have always been leaders in the quality of their products and it’s good to see Microsoft pushing them even further with the Surface Studio. The new dial is also interesting, it offers on and off screen navigation. I can see it being used for a huge range of things in the future once developers start putting on their mind map boots.

In Summary:

In terms of designing, this has got to be the biggest, best tool to have in todays market. The flexibility offered by both the hardware and software in the Surface Studio is un-matched by anything else I’ve seen in the PC market and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. To wrap up, the Surface Studio looks amazing, performs great and offers everything a creative individual needs to build their next creation.

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