Digital Marketing is Overtaking Design

What’s Going On?

For a long time now Graphic Design has been losing it’s way. With services coming out that provide new freelancers at lower costs or websites like Wix that let you make a website for free. Although these methods usually result in a complete failure to achieve what you were hoping for. They are having a huge knock on effect in the industry and making many businesses skip directly to Digital Marketing.

Recently I’ve been doing some research on where the design industry is going. It seems that these days companies are way more interested in digital marketing, but not actually interested in the quality of what it is they’re promoting. Take a look at the graphs below, directly from Google these show the interest over time for design related phrases.

Interest in Web Design over time:
Interest in Web design over time
Interest in Logo Design over time:
Interest in Logo Design over time

The Weird Part

But it’s the graph below that caught my attention the most, this displays interest over time for Digital Marketing. I simply can’t understand why it is that two industries this similar are progressing so differently. Of course digital marketing includes non-design related categories such as SEO and social media. However, even these to a degree may require a designers input somewhere down the line.

Interest in Digital Marketing over time:
Interest in digital marketing over time

The Outcome

Obviously it’s not the end of the world for us graphic & web designers. It simply means change is coming and I think it’ll strike very unexpectedly. Marketing skills are an absolute must for any designer to keep moving with the times. Personally, I enjoy marketing and I’m happy to see that’s where the business is moving. Although, I’ll most definitely be piping up about these free website & cheap freelance services and the damage they can do to your business. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog piece!

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