Apple MacBook Pro 2016

After the announcement of the 2016 MacBook Pro during Apples keynote this October I realised something. It’s completely useless. I’ve always loved the MacBook Pro range and I was excited to see what Apple did this time. For years we’ve seen Apple make the Pro’s smaller, thinner, lighter and more powerful. That’s all great but we’re so overdue a complete re-design, something brand new that’s really tailored to the professionals. We don’t need a touch bar that allows me to reach a smiley emoji quicker. We need a large display and ports that work with the various tools we use such as tablets.

The Macbook Pro 2016 is absolutely beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But is it really made for professionals? I couldn’t help but feel like it was built and marketed towards the average teenager. Professionals don’t need quick access to Youtube, if anything this would be considered a distraction to most of us. Apple has never been a company that sells gimmicky features but it seems that’s what this ‘Touch Bar’ is all about. I will admit it has the potential to be great in Photoshop, say for colour picking and changing tools. But it’s not enough to warrant buying one for professional work. There’s still so many better options out there, even the high range Microsoft Surface Pro 4 would still offer a better experience in professional programs.

October 2016 MacBook Pro

I recently wrote a post about the Microsoft Surface Studio, an incredibly powerful and versatile PC that is truly built for creative professionals. I wrote that for years most designers have used MacBook Pros, iMac’s and Mac Pro’s. With the competition getting fierce it seems to me that Microsoft now have the best products for creative minds. Maybe I’m being a little stringent in my critique of the new 2016 MacBook Pro. But when your clients demand goes up, deadlines get tight and you’re still aiming for high quality, it’s your tools that you rely on.

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