5 Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

#5: Relying on the client

Many designers expect the client to guide them every step of the way in terms of creativity. It’s important to remember that as the one with all the great ideas you’re being paid to guide the client and ensure they’re getting the best they can. Asking the client to draw you an example of what they want is lazy. Understandably the client must be getting what they want and what they’re happy with. If they give you a picture, you better do it!

#4: Keeping quiet

I’ve met many designers and been in meetings with clients & designers. Speak up every now and then! It’s important to throw ideas around, tell the client what you’re imagining. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, show your creative mind off. Throw drawings and scamp sketches all over the desk. Brainstorms are a communicative task so talk talk talk, it’ll pay off in the final design.

#3: Not organising Files

Yep, you saw it coming. This is one of the most important tasks you face as a designer. With image files, project files and all in various versions it can sometimes be a bit of a jumble. But stay strong! Filing can be easy once you get into the habit. Firstly, no more ‘untitled-01.pdf’ files, name your files with a relevant title and version number. For Example: ‘Top 5 Mistakes Blog – v1.0.pdf’. Keep your folders arranged in a manor that allows you to drill down and get directly to the work you require.

#2: Failing to ask questions

Too many times have I seen designers completely miss the brief. Rarely is it due to the brief being unclear, it is usually caused by a lack of communication. Ensure you fully understand what you’re required to do before you begin. Ensuring you keep the client updated throughout the process, this way you avoid doing unnecessary work. It can be frustrating having to start again, but if you’ve not asked the questions that would’ve saved you. It’s only you to blame.

#1: Failing to keep things editable

This is without a doubt the worst mistake many designers make on a daily basis. Here’s the top things to avoid during a project:

  • Rasterising in Photoshop (keep text as text and smart objects smart)
  • Outlining Text in Illustrator (re-typing it all is a waste of time when you spot a typo)
  • Merging layers (just group them)
  • Not saving the project file (this is just stupidity)
  • Not duplicating layers before adding non-editable effects (always create a backup layer CMD/CTRL + J

Following the above rules will make your life so much easier. So many designers end up deleting layers they’ve spent hours on simply because one thing needed changing and now everything around it needs re-creating.

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