3 Reasons Why Designers Need to up Their Creativity


Competition, the design industry is fierce these days and with more and more agencies battling it out than ever having a creative edge can make all the difference in bagging that client. I’m not just talking about visual creativity, but creativity within marketing too. Businesses are now turning to more than just videos and fancy banners, that just wont cut it anymore. They want guerilla marketing, a form of spreading the word that requires thinking outside of the box.

There’s been some great examples guerilla marketing recently, a good one being Carlsberg’s beer dispensing billboard…

Beer Dispensing BillboardImage courtesy of FABNEWS


Standing out. This is a big one, how many agencies do you see with portfolios that all look the same. After looking at 20 different websites and seeing the same over and over again, how do you make yours pop (whilst keeping within the realm of functional design). This is a challenge and unfortunately I see lots of design agency’s with websites that look unique, but don’t function well whatsoever. Ew.


Templates, templates and more templates. Not to mention the ‘Build it yourself’ websites that are everywhere at the moment. As designers we need to keep pushing the industry forward and avoid getting stuck in trends, real design is well thought out and not built on some silly modular system. Keep innovating and finding better and better ways to visualise information. As long as our momentum continues, there’ll be no room for automatic, one for all design generators and templates to saturate the market and take the value from our craft.

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