A Brief History of Marketing…

Screenshot of the first TV advert ever run

Screenshot of the first TV advert ever run

Marketing is one of the most important ongoing things that happen in the present day, but how did it all come about and where is it heading?

In 1450 Gutenburg invented movable type, allowing batch printing for the first time ever. Information started spreading quickly and with information spreading as so did printed advertisements.

Over time adverts slowly started to find their way onto every new form of media that cropped up during the industrial revolution, including magazines, billboards and the radio. This is really where we started to see the modern day marketing take shape.
For me there is one moment in the history of marketing that stands out most… the first ever TV advert. The first ever TV advert was for Bulova watches and it was incredibly simple, watch it here:

This was a huge moment in marketing as TV ads would go on to become the most successful form of advertising for years to come and it has gradually improved overtime with different companies finding new ways for you to interact with their ads, but I’ll talk more about this later.

Undoubtably the worst moment in the history of marketing was in the 1970s when telemarketing became a common tactic. Until then adverts hadn’t really been that distracting or annoying. Still today nobody likes getting sales calls however it’s still a popular way for companies to promote as they know they have your full attention unlike in adverts or posters.

In the present day TV is slowly coming to an end and the internet is growing quicker than we can comprehend. The internet brought a whole new dimension to adverts, companies and individual sellers could now create something for you to fully interact with. The internet also allows people to purchase goods away from the seller straight after viewing the ads.
Companies are finding new and interesting ways to grab peoples attention with adverts. TV ads are now getting internet hashtags and you can even use the Shazam app to find out more information about what you’re watching. In the cinema they now show interactive advertisements on screen for the viewers to play like a game using their smartphones.

So what does all this mean for the future?

The future of marketing is looking very exciting, with loads of different media all connecting people in a huge variety of ways advertisements and promotions are looking better than ever.
As technology improves we will continue to see changes in the way companies promote their brand and products, maybe one day we will have virtual reality adverts, product holograms or even the ability to taste and smell a product without it even being there.
Marketing has been around essentially for as long as civilisation, it started as simple as a man bustling by his market stool to now one advert from one source being seen by millions across the world. Marketing has come a long way and it’s only going to get bigger, better and more effective.

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