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Hi! We’re a design agency in Milton Keynes. We offer Web design, digital design, print and marketing services.

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Colony Digital is a design and marketing agency based in Milton Keynes. We blur the line between ideas and reality. Ensuring your business is looking and performing at it’s absolute best.


We provide professional, top quality graphic, print and digital design to ensure your business is looking its best. First impressions count and your businesses look and feel could be the difference between making and breaking a potential sale.


Our range of digital marketing services covers social media, pay per click Google ads, campaign management, S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation), backlink building and more. Contact us today to start your next marketing plan.

A Totally Different Web Design.

We worked closely with EMIRAT to create a stunning and unique website that sets them apart from the competition.

A New Look For Their New Year.

HubOne in Australia was looking for a cleaner and more concise logo that could work well with their software and throughout their marketing material.

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Dark Patterns and avoiding negative user actions

  What are dark patterns? A dark pattern is a term used in user experience design that means making a user action deliberately hard to achieve. Some examples of actions some companies put behind dark patterns are closing accounts, withdrawing money or unsubscribing...

2018 Snapchat Update – What’s wrong?

  The 2018 Snapchat update, announced by it's creator Evan Spiegel late last year has received an awful lot of backlash from it's users over the new, somewhat cumbersome and inefficient user interface. In the video below you see Evan explaining what changes take...

Biggest Marketing Mistakes in 2017

We all make mistakes every now and again, it's how we better ourselves. But sometimes a mistake big enough can be seen around the world and may just get you in a lot of trouble. Here's a few of our favourite marketing cock ups from the last year.   Walkers Social...

The Questions We Don’t Ask About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is always progressing, wether it be Siri, Amazon Alexa or Microsofts Cortana. They're becoming more and more aware of their surroundings, us and our needs. But they're not quite HAL yet, why? Google, Facebook and IBM are working on AI programs...

Should you follow competitors on social media?

How do you want to look? How do you want your competitors to perceive your business? Closed, secretive and scared, or confident, positive and open? Not following your competitors for the sole sake of being competitive and sour is not the right way to think. But this...

We swore in an email campaign, here’s the results.

At Colony Digital we like pushing marketing to it's maximum, even if that means taking the occasional risk (We only take risks ourselves) don't worry clients! We wanted to find out what effect swearing could have on marketing, is it effective? If so, why? The...

Questioning Design

Design Agencies Design studios, a place where intuition, creativity and productivity all meet eye to eye. A place crazy people like me call home. What sets a successful and creative agency from a forced, bog standard agency? How Will Questions Improve the Final...

A Teenagers Take on Digital Marketing

Who are you? I'm Luc Gibson, 19, the Managing Director and Founder of Pixel Colony. Here's my thoughts and opinions on modern, digital marketing and how it is in some ways, weak. I know, you wouldn't expect someone from my generation to bash the new way of doing...

Why you’ll never be an expert marketer

Constant change. Marketing is a fine art, something that needs detail, thought and skill… Plus a bit of good literature. But no matter how refined you are, you can never be current. The world of marketing is constantly changing. With new mediums, tactics and services...

3 Reasons Why Designers Need to up Their Creativity

One. Competition, the design industry is fierce these days and with more and more agencies battling it out than ever having a creative edge can make all the difference in bagging that client. I’m not just talking about visual creativity, but creativity within...